Laser card printers

ID57x - Laser and Inkjet Perso Systems for Government and Payments


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ID5 is the worldwide bestselling and market reference desktop laser personalization system ever, thanks to its legendary reliability, performance, compactness, and ease of use.
ID7 is a desktop laser personalization system for back office and bureau mid volume card issuance, designed to ensure flexibility, performance and reliability in Government and Financial environment, with usual Marsline output quality.

The “ID5X” and “ID7X” are versions dedicated to financial applications and metal cards.
The availability of Marsline software platform on ID5X and ID7X, further enlarges its potential applications.
   ID5X  ID7X
Laser Type (N° of lasers)  Fiber up to 20 Watts  Fiber laser up to 30 Watts
Card Hoppers  300 Cards  2x300 Cards
2nd Card hopper   No  Yes
Card Output stacker  250 Cards  250 Cards (optional dual output hopper) 
Print Mode  Laser  High performance
XY Offset registration   Yes  Yes
C-CL encoder  Single  Multiple Up to 3
Magnetic stripe R/W  Yes  Yes
Throughput (cph)  150 (approx. 200 EMV financial)  250 (approx. 400 EMV financial)
Vacuum system  Inlcuded/External  Inlcuded/External
OCR barcode reader  Yes  Yes
CLI-MLI  Yes  Yes
Software  AIDA Machine & Perso controller   AIDA Machine & Perso controller
Dimensions (D x W x H)  55 x 35 x h60 X h100  58 x 46 x h60
Weight  64  74