Laser card printers

BOX - Laser and Inkjet Perso Systems for Government and Payments


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BOX is a modular laser personalization system for mid to high volume card issuance, designed to fulfill demanding praductivity and business continuity requirements in Government and Financial appl ications.

BOX adds color printing by DOD technology to Marsline renown laser expertise, output quality and praduct reliability, delivering the most effective solution in the midrange space for the issuance of ID & Driving License issuance and financial and commerciai cards.

BOX can be configured with up to 4 dual side laser stations with embedded vision system registration, 000 high speed printing station, magstripe encoding, high yield multiple chip encoding, quality contrai with data integrity verification. 

A 7" color touch screen provides easy to access man i tori ng and control functions to the users of the system.
Laser Type (N° of lasers)    Fiber Laser (4) up to 30W
Card types  PC/PVC/PET
Card Hoppers  2x500 Cards
2nd Card hopper    Yes
Card Output stacker  2x500 Cards 
Print Mode  High speed DoD UV Curable Inkjet 
XY Offset registration   Yes
C-CL encoder  Multiple up to 8
Magnetic stripe R/W  Yes
Throughput (cph)  Up to 1000 cph
Vacuum system  Inlcuded/External
OCR barcode reader  Yes
Software  AIDA Machine & Perso controller
Dimensions (D x W x H)  90-210 x 60 x h100
Weight  140-200