Shredding & Degaussing

BOWA DP S95 GRIND - Professional multipurpose shredding system


BOWADP S95, as the other products of the S Series, has been specifically designed for the management of e-waste and its safe disposal, allowing to follow the EOL (End of Life) legislation for electronics and the confidentiality information stored in the electronic or magnetic supports.
Its high level of flexibility allows to reduce not only hard drives and a variety of classified electronic and optical media but also computer chassis, electronic devices and accessories.
With the BOWA DP S95 is possible to swap different screen size allowing to choose among different security level and different hourly throughput.
The Four shaft and the screen knife guarantee that the shreds size and its security level fall within the screen size dimensions up to a 50 mm2 size. Its design allows an efficient usage and operating cost optimization thanks to its low power consumption, while keeping one of the highest hourly throughput of its category.


Technical specifications BOWA DP S95 Grind*
Shreddable material *  HDD, PC, Notebook, Server, SSD, LCD,
 CPu, Phone, Routers, Switch
Screen size/Shredding size  - 10 MM – 78 mm2
 - 16 MM – 200 mm2
 - 24 MM – 452 mm2
Security Level ( DIN 66399)  H-5 E-3    H-5 E-2    H-4 E-2
Capacity  up to 350KG/h, depends on the screen size
 ø 10mm 100-150 Kg
 ø 16mm 150-200 Kg
 ø 24mm 200-350 Kg
Input Hopper  495 (w) mm x 550 (H) mm
Number of knife  20
Cutting Teeth per knife  5
Driving knife (main)  ø 200, 20mm
Driving knife (assisting)  ø 200, 20mm
Shredding chamber  600x500 mm
Screen materials  Q235
Screen hole diameter mm  ø 10/16/24/32
Suggested screen replacement  1-2 years
Power  15Kw (7.5KW * 2) 380V +/- 5%  -  50/60Hz
Size mm  2350 x 1503 x 2263 mm
Weight (kg)  2300
Certification  CE
Warranty  12 months after installation

*Remove battery and heat sink