Shredding & Degaussing

BOWA SDP-01 - Professional degaussing system

Nowadays more than in the past, the protection and erasing of confidential digital information have become crucial and strictly ruled by specific law and standard, so it is the choice and adoption of a reliable system in order to manage the data destruction correctly.
SDP-01 is the only solution in the market able to degauss two hard drives at the same time and erase high coercivity data from magnetic based storage devices and removable magnetic media by applying a strong magnetic field that guarantees compliance with safety requirements of CE and confidentiality requirements of Chinese State Secrecy Bureau and PLAISTEC.
Modern media device manufacturers recommend a 6000-7000 Gauss field be passed through their devices to render the data completely destroyed. With its magnetic field intensity up to 12500 Gauss the SDP-01 can easily erase also large capacity, high-density magnetic media hard drives quickly, uniformly, at once. Its erasing area can contain 2 hard drives (width 8.9 cm) or 8 hard drives (width 6.35 cm).
It can afford about 50 cycles continuously, making it possible to process up to 800 media devices per hour.


Technical specifications SDP-01
Degaussable media type  Hard disk, Tape, Floppy
Degaussing system  Capacitive discharge
Magnetic field intensity  Up to 12500 Gs/Oe
Erasing time  
Power consumption

 • 300 W
 • 0.1 a - standby mode
 • 1.3 a  • 0.3 a - erasing

Duty cycle   50 cycles
Temperature  –10 °C ~ 65 °C
Humidity  10% ~ 95%
Power / voltage / frequency  220 W / 220 V / 50-60 Hz
Current rating  1.5 a
Interface  l Cd
Machine size  W310xd460xH227 mm
Erasing area size  W160xd270xH35 mm
Machine weight  18 kg
Noise level  6-90 dB
Packaging size  W450xd550xH400 mm
Warranty  12 months
Options  • carrying case
 • barcode kit