Shredding & Degaussing

BOWADP 3001 - Professional heavy duty shredding system

Whether it is the piles of files or large quantities of waste paper BOWADP 3001 is able to shred it quickly and in a safe and secure way. The BOWADP 3001 is suitable for medium and large offices to manage and destroy large amount of documents and various media supports. Its flexibility allows to choose between different security levels to suit the user requirement and optimize its cost.
Thanks to its solid and hard roller knife, the efficient lubrication system, it guarantees a stable and efficient shredding process and long working life.
Through its user friendly console and one of the highest throughput and wastage bin capacity in its category the BOWADP 3001 allows an efficient usage and destruction of confidential information whether on paper support or small media.
Its reliability has been proven through 10 years of usage by Government bureau, Police and military department.


Technical specifications BOWADP 3001
Shreddable material  Floppy, Paper, Folder, USB, Card, CD, Clip
Shredding size  10.8x42-74, 5.9x35-50, 3.8x30 + 10.8/5.9 mm
Security level (DIN 66399)  P-2>P-4, O-2>O-3, T-2>T-4, E-2>E-3
Security level (DIN 32757-1)  1 to 3
Shredding capacity (70g/m²)  75-180 sheets (A4/A3)
Shredding capacity (80g/m²)  60-150 sheets (A4/A3)
Throughput per hour - paper  150-250 kg
Throughput per hour - CDs/USBs/cards   150-250 kg
Cutting speed   240 mm/s
Insertion width   428 mm
Bin capacity   300 l
Power / voltage / frequency  3 kW / 3x400 V / 50 Hz
Machine size  W1157xD1568xH1650 mm
Machine weight  380 kg
Noise level  60-72 dB
Packaging size  W1300xD1700xH1900 mm
Warranty  12 months

* Only for BOWADP 1002  ** Specific procedure to shred paper is required