Shredding & Degaussing

BOWADP 1001 AND 1002 - Professional office shreddng system

BOWADP 1001 AND 1002

Suitable for continuous duty operation in a compact design, the multifunctional shredder BOWADP 1001 and BOWADP 1002 is able to shred high volume of flat or crumpled paper, stacks of computer forms unaffected by staples or paper clips, and confidential information stored in CDs, floppy disks, credit cards, USBs at once. The Bowa DP 1002 equipped with 3x400V motor is also able to shred SSD and Mobile phone. It is suitable for medium to large offices to shred it in a safe, fast and quiet way, keeping one of the lowest power consumption of its category. The top loading large feed hopper allows to simply dump the wastebasket directly into the shredder reducing the operating time while operator’s safety is guaranteed by the cover, which prevents unintentional intake.
Thanks to its user friendly console, optical indicators that show operational status, integrated auto reverse and cut-off to avoid paper jam, bin-full auto shut down, dustproof closed housing, the BOWADP 1001 and BOWADP 1002 is comfortable to use and transport through its heavy duty casters, preserving efficient destruction of confidential data in compliance with DIN 66399 up to P5 security level and high hourly output.
Its solid and hard roller knife and powerful thermally protected motor guarantee a stable high performance and long working life. Its reliability has been proven through 10 years of usage by Government bureau, Police and military department.


Technical specifications BOWADP 1001 and 1002
  1001 1002
Shreddable material  Floppy, Paper, Folder, USB, Card,
 CD, Clip
 Floppy, Paper, Folder, USB, Card,
 Mobile phone, CD, Clip, Solid State Drive*
Shredding size  3.6x35 mm  2x15 mm
Security level (DIN 66399)  P-4, O-3, T-4, E-3  P-5, O-4, T-5, E-4, F-2
Security level (DIN 32757-1)  3  4
Shredding capacity (70g/m²)   30-35 sheets (A4)   20-25 sheets (A4)
Shredding capacity (80g/m²)  20-25 sheets (A4)  15-20 sheets (A4)
Throughput per hour - paper  80 kg  **
Throughput per hour -
 60 kg  50 kg
Cutting speed   220 mm/s  220 mm/s
Insertion width   240 mm  240 mm
Bin capacity   130 l   45 l
Power / voltage / frequency  750 W / 220 V / 50 Hz  750 W / 220 V / 50 Hz
 750 W/3x400V/ 50 Hz
Machine size  W550xD530xH1230 mm  W640xD530xH1240 mm
Machine weight  120 Kg  135 Kg
Noise level  55–70 dB  55–70 dB
Packaging size  W750xD750xH1500 mm  W750xD750xH1500 mm
Warranty  12 months  12 months

* Only for BOWADP 1002  ** Specific procedure to shred paper is required