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SUNLIGHT SATURN is a fast, versatile, yet affordable card printer with latest generation features and technology. It can be configured with a variety of available options such as magnetic stripe encoding, smart chip encoding, contactless encoding to enable personalization of any type of card, from the simplest to the most complex. Its compact footprint and optional two input hoppers makes it one of the most versatile card printers in the market.

Featuring a small footprint, the SUNLIGHT SATURN is easy to deploy in any operating environment. Additionally, it is light weight and cost effective to ship with a reduced impact on the environment.

SUNLIGHT SATURN prints in high 300 dpi resolution, edge-to-edge, with excellent printing quality. As a result of extensive R&D and attention to detail in the manufacturing process, the image reproduction is crisp and vivid both in color and monochrome.

SUNLIGHT SATURN can be configured with a dual input hopper; a total of 200 blank cards can be loaded for extended print runs. The dual input hopper can also be configured for random feeding of two different card types thus offering maximum flexibility in multi-card type printing applications.

New functions and features can be added to the SUNLIGHT SATURN anytime, to meet new or changing printing or personalization requirements. The printer can be upgraded from single-side to dual-side and magnetic stripe encoding, smart chip encoding and contactless encoding in the field.

SUNLIGHT SATURN is equipped with security locks and a Kensington Security System which provides a higher level of physical security and peace of mind compared to traditional card printers.

SUNLIGHT SATURN is available in two versions, a basic version featuring single-sided printing and an advanced version with the dual-sided printing. Both versions are equiped with LCD displays in order to diagnose and monitor printing status with full clarity, which facilitates its easy use, as well as having an internal USB HUB in order to connect cameras and other external devices.

Ideal for small to medium production volumes and quintessential for any sector needing real-time plastic card printing

This new printer is ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED for its efficiency in energy consumption.

SUNLIGHT SATURN is also available with the standard red cover, as well as custom covers. The choice of a personalized cover allows you to integrate your printer with every company context and is a great vehicle for your brand identity or simply to be distinguishable and original.