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XE SERIES: centralized card issuance solution

MARSLINE Ltd represents excellence that can be reflected in every item produced with high-volume card printers of XE Series. This centralized card issuance solution will perfectly suit as the core of new card production systems as well as the upgrade of existing service bureaus for personalized card distribution.

XE models offer excellent personalization opportunities featuring modular hardware and software platform to personalize layouts in a quick and easy way on both standard card production systems (personalized credit cards, bank cards, ID, loyalty cards, etc.) and completely personalized issuance systems. With chip multicoding, thermographic printing and other features XE series delivers extended personalization on a single production lines reducing overall connection complexity between different modules as well as improving card management timing between the different machines.

The design of XE models is based on the combination of two or more basic elements (Big and Small) to provide a cabinet for a more or less complex combination of personalization modules.

Particular attention to design of XE high-volume card personalization solution ensures maximum ease of access for replacement of consumables and operational maintenance. Large front doors facilitate the extraction and insertion of cartridges and consumable tapes.

XE models are equipped with user interface based on a 5-inch touch screen featuring 800x480 resolutions for easy configuration and setup functions as well as new Windows-based hardware and software technology. XE series represents new electronics solution and log management software that works with Blockchain technology.

XE Series can be configured with a wide range of personalization modules:

  • Encoding of the magnetic strip
  • Chip multicoding
  • Embossing / Indenting
  • Tipping / Infill
  • Thermographic printing
  • Flip over
  • Vision system and data collection
  • Card application and mailing

Thanks to the innovative design technology XE card printers provide centralized card issuance for large, medium and small dimensions, maintaining the same efficiency and production speed.